2013-2014 Accessible Computing Category:

Winner - "Save the Blocks"
(by Kabith Mahendran)

2012-2013 Accessible Art Category:

Winner - "Tree"
(by Rhea Pinto)

Runner-Up - "Choices of Man"
(by Pratik Saha)

2012-2013 Accessible Computing Category:

Winner - "Brick Breaker Video Game"
(by Kushal Gaurav)

Runner-Up - "Home for Me"
(by Dhrumil Desai)

Works from the Original Stretch Project (Accessible Art):

Love and Peace

Described in the text

The artwork is a sculpture of a large white plaster hand making a V with two fingers. One finger is labelled love, the other is labelled peace. The sculpture is super-imposed on a photo of a bare brick wall with a child standing against it. A white cut-out paper dove is flying above and a paper cut-out heart is below.


Described in the text

A collage work entitled ‘Listen’. The work consists of words and short sentences like ‘Inclusion’, ‘listen to those around you ‘, ‘to be heard’, ‘to be seen’ where the word seen has been replaced with an image of an eye sewn in for a tactile feel and the word ‘listen’ is written in mirrored writing and has also been written with the letters cut out of hard surfaced paper. It has a large plaster hand replacing the letter ‘s’ in the word listen. The plaster hand is in the form of a fist which stands for the letter ‘s’ in American Sign Language (ASL).


Described in the text

A collage work titled 'life'. The work consists of a blue silk back ground with an open palm cut out of cloth and pasted. On the palm there are four small human figure made up of wool. At the bottom of the palm there are buttons of different shapes, size and colours and plants cut out of different materials.

Open Book

Described in the text

The work titled 'Open Book' is a colorful picture of abstract art. The picture has been shaded giving it a three dimensional effect.